The Caribbean
Antigua & Barbuda
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Antigua & Barbuda
Antigua's corrugated coasts cradle hundreds of perfect little coves lapped by beguiling enamel-blue water, while the sheltered bays have provided refuge for everyone from Admiral Nelson to buccaneers and yachties. If you can tear yourself away from that towel, you'll discover that there’s a distinct English accent to this island. You'll find it in the bustling capital of St John's, in salty-glamorous English Harbour, and in the historical forts and other vestiges of the colonial past. Yet, Antigua is also quintessential Caribbean, full of candy-colored villages, a rum-infused mellowness and engaging locals who'll greet you with wide smiles.
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  Built by the British around 1900, this Victorian-style dam originally created a reservoir holding 13 million gallons of water and supplied it to surrounding villages. In 1912, after three years of drought, it was drained and the area was reforested; it's now teeming with mahoe, ironwood, locust, mango, white cedar...
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