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The Bahamas
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The Bahamas
Spangled between the depths of the North Atlantic and Florida's eastern coast, the Bahamas – not technically part of the Caribbean – comprises more than 700 stunning subtropical islands and 2400 cays, most uninhabited, and all fringed by spectacular coral and fathomless ocean trenches. From the grit and bustle of funky Nassau to the vast mangroves of Andros, there's an astonishing array of beaches, reefs, forests and historic towns to be discovered, all within the compass of an hour's flight.
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  The collection of clapboard shacks with names like Charlie's and Shirley's is the best place on the island to meet locals and indulge in typical Bahamian seafood staples. Friday and Saturday are the big nights when there's music and the rum is flowing but at least one shack is open...
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