Bosnia & Hercegovina
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Bosnia & Hercegovina
Craggily beautiful Bosnia and Hercegovina is most intriguing for its East-meets-West atmosphere born of blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories filtered through a Southern Slavic lens. Many still associate the country with the heartbreaking civil war of the 1990s, and the scars from that time are all too visible. But today's visitors are likely to remember the country for its deep, unassuming human warmth, its beautiful mountains, numerous medieval castle ruins, raftable rivers, impressive waterfalls and bargain-value skiing.
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  Based in and around the derelict battery factory that served as the Potočari UN base, this memorial centre incorporates a major display entitled Srebrenica Genocide – The Failure of the International Community. However the main focus of the complex is the extensive cemetery directly across the road, with row after...
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