Middle East
Lower Galilee
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Lower Galilee
Tiberias is one of Judaism's four holy cities, the burial place of venerated Jewish sages and a very popular base for Christians visiting holy sites around the Sea of Galilee. It's also one of the most aesthetically challenged resort towns in Israel, its sunbaked lakeside strip marred by 1970s architectural monstrosities. So the sacred and the kitsch – plus beaches, hot springs and a growing ultra-Orthodox population – coexist side by side in a whirl of holiness, hawkers and hedonism.
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  With its black basalt walls, white dome and striped minaret, this mosque looks a bit lost in the courtyard of a modern commercial centre. Built by Daher Al Omar in 1743, it has not been in use since Tiberias’ Arab minority was evacuated by the British in April 1948. ...
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